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Lake Serene dam repairs estimated at $1 Million
Nov 27, 2013

Repairs to the Lake Serene dam along Bucccaneer Road could cost the home owners association $1 million.

Heavy rains in late summer caused a 100-yard section of the embankment on the downstream side to slide into the lake. The slide caused crumbling of the asphalt along the side of the road forcing closure of the roadway. Buccaneer Drive remains closed and the water on the lake has been lowered to take pressure off the dam.

Lamar County Engineer Don Walker has been consulting with the homeowners association on remedies to fix the problems with the dam. He has told them it could cost as much as $1 million to bring the dam to Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality standards. Once MDEQ approves the fix, bids for the project will be sought.

Walker says work will more than likely begin in the spring. In the meantime, Buccaneer Road will remain closed.