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Flood maps help you to see and understand the flood risk at a location. Since risk of flooding comes from many sources there are several layer below to help illustrate many of these.

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How is my risk calculated? The flood risk indicator score is based on several factors including: flood zone, flood history, elevation and unique flooding characteristics.
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Flood Quick Facts

  • Fact #1

    The physical effects of mold contamination, which range from irritating symptoms akin to seasonal allergies to death, continue to gain national recognition and scientific support. Click here to find out more about mold and how to ensure that your home and property are safe to live in.

  • Fact #2

    Private insurance companies and the federal government recognized that their association would improve the overall success of the program. Accordingly, insurance companies administer the program, but the federal government funds the insurance.

  • Fact #3

    There are some homeowner endorsements that will cover a back-up or overflow of sewers or drains or a sump-pump. These type losses sometimes do occur during flooding events. These endorsements will often have dollar limits substantially less than the flood policy

  • Fact #4

    There is a low-cost policy for homes in moderate-to-lower risk areas, and for much less than you might expect. The quick processing of these lower risk/low cost policies is the purpose of this website, so lets get started.  Click here to get a quote. 

  • Fact #5

    Flood insurance is required by law for some high risk homes but only a minority of homes fall under this category. Congress passed some laws requiring that all federally-insured or regulated lenders, for instance mortgages backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac require flood insurance to protect their investment in the property.

We're here to help!

FloodTools.com calculates estimated flood risk using data from several expert sources.

While we strive to provide the most accurate data available, the accuracy of estimated flood risk cannot be guaranteed.

In order to effectively use our tools to estimate your flood risk and flood loss potential you must understand the limitations of these tools and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Did You Know?

• Everyone has some level of risk for flooding.

• Flooding is NOT covered on a standard homeowners policy.

• Flood insurance can be as affordable as $15/month.

• The average flood claim is over $33,000. (2007-2011)

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